Saturday, August 13, 2005

I've Been Tagged!

Logan got tagged, now he's tagged me. Here's my first go-round -- I may add more or modify it later.

10 Years Ago Today:

I was a consultant, based in Chicago. My client was in Honolulu. For six months my schedule was, roughly, ten days in Chicago, ten days in Honolulu. Got to the point I was the only one on the plane dreading going to Hawaii. I was in a zone beyond jet lag. Needless to say, I was drinking far too much to appreciate paradise!

Five Years Ago:

Married almost two years, this was a period when I wasn’t drinking so much, but it was starting to accelerate again. Marriage was in a rut, work was in a rut, but I was hopeful both would get better. They didn’t.

1 Year Ago:

One year ago today, I relapsed. I had gone to my first AA meeting two weeks earlier and stopped drinking. I had to have another 3-week fling with my old lover, Miller Genuine Draft, before saying goodbye forever. “Forever” lasted until December, when I relapsed again. Since January, I’ve been saying goodbye for today, every day, rather than goodbye forever.


Lazy day. A little self-pity, a little fear, a little resentment, a lot of procrastination.


Church, step study meeting, chores, working Step Two.

5 Snacks I Enjoy:

1. Quesadillas
2. Doughnuts
3. Celery with cream cheese
4. Carrots with ranch dressing
5. Ice cream

5 Bands That I Know the Lyrics to Most of Their Songs:

1. Bach
2. Brahms
3. Joan Osborne
4. Talking Heads
5. Beatles

Yeah, I’m pretty out of it. :P

5 Things I Would Do with $100,000,000:

1. Pay off debt
2. Buy real estate: home for me, home for my wife, pay off my mom’s and sister’s mortgages, buy investment property
3. Educational trust funds for my son and my niece
4. Establish a foundation to, among other things:
  • Endow a chair in 20th century history at my alma mater;
  • Establish an international institute for research and projects to promote diplomacy, economic development, investment, cultural development, education and political reform in the Americas, named for my son’s great-great-grandfather, who is known as “the Rousseau of the Mexican Revolution.”
5. Retire to manage my real estate investments and to consider and nurture worthy proposals to my foundation

5 Locations I Would Like to Run Away to:

Hmmm… I kind of like where I am!

5 Bad Habits I Have:

1. Smoking
2. Eating like a teenager
3. Watching too much television
4. Letting my apartment look like a pigsty before cleaning it
5. Never washing my car

5 Things I Like Doing:

1. Reading
2. Spending time with my son
3. Hanging out with AA friends
4. Worshiping
5. Sailing

5 Things I Would Never Wear:

1. A tattoo
2. Anything requiring piercing
3. Wife-beater undershirt
4. A mullet
5. Neck chain

5 TV Shows I Like(d):

1. Nova
2. Seinfeld
3. Judge Joe Brown
4. CSI
5. Law and Order: Criminal Intent

5 Movies I Like:

1. A Day at the Races
2. Dr. Strangelove
3. Independence Day
4. What Dreams May Come (I may be the only one in the world who liked it)
5. Chinatown

5 Famous People I Would Like to Meet:

(I chose these for being not just remarkable, but probably fun to spend some time with! Also limited to dead white males, so I don’t have to embarrass myself by admitting I’d like to meet Madonna.)

1. Abraham Lincoln
2. Bill Wilson
3. St. Augustine (I know he’s dead and male, not sure about white)
4. Benjamin Franklin
5. Winston Churchill

5 Biggest Joys at the Moment:

1. My son
2. AA
3. Church
4. My cats

5 Favorite Toys:

1. Computer
2. A camera, which I want to get soon!
3. My son’s tricycle

5 People to Tag:

1. Bossco
2. Smussyolay
3. Scott
4. DAAve
5. Andy


At 8/13/2005 04:49:00 PM, Blogger dAAve said...

Good ones Phil. I'll be on it tomorrow.

At 8/14/2005 04:52:00 AM, Blogger One Drunk to Another said...

Wow, Phil! Might be a God thing that you were tagged a year from the day you relapsed! What a cool list! I enjoyed Daves too!!! But c'mon, does Brahms have any words???

At 8/14/2005 10:42:00 AM, Blogger Phil said...

Denn alles Fleisch es ist wie Grass...

Wie lieblich deine Wohnungen, Herr Sabaoth...

Und so weiter. I was in the chorus in college, so a lot of it is embedded in my brain. Can't remember my phone number, though.

Yeah, I took it as kind of a God thing, too. :)

At 8/15/2005 02:21:00 AM, Anonymous Logan Wick said...

I feel so USED!

LOL...but glad I could be of some help! [:)


At 8/15/2005 07:29:00 AM, Blogger Jane said...

dr. strangelove is one of my fav's too.

At 8/15/2005 08:45:00 AM, Blogger Grace said...

Great list, very honest. I wouldnt mind meeting Madonna actually!

At 8/15/2005 08:40:00 PM, Blogger Scott W said...

Phil, can you proivide the html code to put links in comments? Thanks.

At 8/15/2005 09:54:00 PM, Blogger Phil said...

This looks like a good explanation.

"This is a link to Scott"
looks like this (but replace "[" with "<" and "]" with ">"):

This is a link to [a href=""]Scott[/a]

At 8/18/2005 08:00:00 AM, Anonymous Rusty said...

Hi Phil. Great list and great blog. I didn't realize that there was another person that loved What Dreams May Come! I also have a secret desire to meet Madonna...


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