Wednesday, March 09, 2005


If you haven't been following Bob's Trudge the past week or so, I recommend it. Bob is coming up on his 6th AA birthday on March 15 (way to go, buddy!)

On March 1, Bob started recounting what he was doing each day six years ago, on his last drunk before coming in to the fellowship.

His story is not that unusual, I think, but the way he has been unrolling it, day by day, is pretty gripping. To follow it each day gives a sense of what it was like to go through it in real time, how bad, how damn slow and relentless it felt to hit bottom.

Juxtaposed with his memoir Bob shares his daily life today, which is heartening to a newcomer like me. He's an example of what it means to try to apply the principles in all his affairs.


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